#MyCEU with Dora Bojanovska-Popovska

“Choosing CEU was the best decision I’ve ever made, a decision that has transformed me and my life in the most positive of ways. I was lured most of all by CEU’s values, mission and multicultural environment. Additionally, the generous funding gives people like me a chance to study at a top-ranked university – a chance that I otherwise wouldn’t have. That’s why, when I decided to studyabroad, there was no other option – I only applied to CEU.
The year I spent in the Comparative Constitutional Law master’s program exceeded my expectations. It tested my abilities and forced me to grow both academically and personally. I learned as much from my peers as I did from our extraordinary professors. I met people from all over the world that became my life-long friends, with whom we share a bond stronger than any other. By the end of the first semester I knew that one year at CEU wasn’t enough. So I applied for the SJD program in Comparative Constitutional Law and, fortunately, I was accepted. I’ve started a new journey in the same place, a place that became my home.” 
Dora Bojanovska - Popovska earned an LLM degree in Comparative Constitutional Law from the CEU Department of Legal Studies in 2017, and is currently an SJD student in Comparative Constitutional Law.

Photo: Edit Kalman Photography.

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