The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

February 14, 2019

“I had met everyone else during the orientation session except Courtney, who, by the way, is a fellow American!,” exclaimed Talia as she sat at the corner of the downstairs café with a genuine wide smile on her face. This idea of having another American in the Department of International Relations was daunting at first, but Talia and Courtney clicked almost right away.

“It is hard to find someone whose sense of humor matches with yours, you know,” Courtney remarked after thinking for a few minutes and while being faced with questions on how they managed to get in sync with each other so beautifully. “We would have never met in America if we hadn’t decided to come to CEU, and thank god we did,” they said. Being in the same academic writing group brought the two closer and it wasn’t too long before they started having lunch together.

Both recalled the time when after one dinner at the CEU Residence Centre Talia went to find Courtney to tell her she was leaving for home for the holidays. In a land far away from home, they were new friends who didn’t know each other too well, but Talia still had taken the time to find her friend and say goodbye. Little things like that matter the most when you are far away from home.

Talia and Courtney are studying at Central European University in Budapest as international students from America. They are a happy sight as you see them laugh and giggle on their way to class. If you catch the two on your way to class, say ‘Hi’ and I promise it will make your day!

By Nikkon Balial, MA student in the Department of International Relations at Central European University