TEDxCEU Event Encourages Students to Take Action

February 22, 2019

“Ideas worth spreading”—that’s the premise behind the global TEDx phenomenon. February 23 afternoon sees TEDxCEU, featuring a diverse lineup of speakers, take those ideas to Central European University. Following the popular TED Talks speech format, the event is entirely organized by CEU students.

“We see TEDxCEU as a way of bringing the ideas of the CEU community to the broader world. We have people from more than 100 countries here at CEU: we definitely have stories that are worth sharing,” said Davlat Umarov, a master’s student in the School of Public Policy and TEDxCEU co-organizer.

The event’s theme—Ready Set Action—showcases seven speakers on topics ranging from scientific communications to traditional Chinese medicine to documentary photography. In addition to two speakers from outside the university, the event will feature four CEU students along with one CEU professor—all promising to present stories and experiences that illustrate the power of taking action.

“We want to bring different ideas together in one place,” said Umarov. “Our speakers will present on different and varied topics that we think will inspire the audience to get up and take action on their own ideas.”

This is the second year that the CEU community, led by a group of 20 students, has mounted a TEDx event at the university. The CEU Community Engagement Office, Alumni Relations Office and Student Union also provided essential support for the event.


Meet the Speakers:

Nikhil Mahant, “A Life Worth Living”

Danial Shah, “The Power of Visual Storytelling”

Magdalena Smieszek, “Sacred Activism and the Human Self-Knowledge Revolution”

Chigozie Nelson, “The Price We Pay for Procrastination”

Melinda Vajda, “One Person, One Big Change”

Hemen Ee, “The Missing Organ – Chinese Medicine Perspective”

Professor Thom Scott-Phillips, “How Communication Makes Us Human”

TEDxCEU organizers sit on the CEU rooftop. Image credit: TEDxCEU
TEDxCEU organizers sit on the Central European University rooftop. Image credit: TEDxCEU