CEU Welcomes Bavarian Initiative, Needs Legal Guarantees to Remain in Budapest

March 14, 2019

Budapest, March 14, 2019 — Central European University (CEU) welcomes Manfred Weber’s advocacy in Hungary on behalf of CEU and we are grateful for the Bavarian government’s generous offer of financial and technical support for a long-term partnership with Technical University, Munich. Rector Ignatieff of CEU and President Herrmann of TUM have discussed how to take this partnership forward in areas where we have complementary capacities in political science, science and technology studies, cognitive and network science and other fields. Further meetings are planned to move these discussions forward to partnership agreements.


While CEU welcomes these developments, and the possibility it opens of reversing CEU’s ouster from Budapest, we must be absolutely clear that the parties to a possible collaboration can only proceed if the Hungarian Prime Minister provides an authoritative political commitment to his European partners that CEU will be allowed to remain in Budapest, as a free institution, offering American and European accredited degrees and that this political commitment is backed up by legislation that provides legally binding authorization for all of CEU’s operations in Budapest. No partnership between CEU and TUM is possible without definitive legal certainty about the long-term status of CEU in Hungary.


While CEU continues to seek a legally binding solution that enables us to remain in the city that has been our home for 25 years, the university is continuing with its plans to open a campus in Vienna.