CEU’s New Campus Receives BREEAM Environmental Sustainability Certification

Central European University’s new campus has received its final environmental accreditation certification from BREEAM, the leading international sustainability assessment organization.

CEU is the only educational institution in Hungary with a BREEAM-designated building and the first university in Central and Eastern Europe to pursue the sustainability distinction.

“We’re pleased with how the BREEAM sustainability certification process positively influenced the design, planning and construction of the new campus. We started this process back in 2013, so it’s quite an achievement to finally receive confirmation that CEU’s new campus meets BREEAM’s strict international environmental standards,” said Logan Strenchock, the university’s environmental and sustainability officer.

A rooftop garden that collects rain water for irrigation, water efficient toilets and taps, a building management software for monitoring and controlling temperature and air circulation, and thermally efficient concrete design elements are among the new building features that have a positive impact on the environmental footprint of campus operations.

To qualify for the certification, CEU also adhered to guidelines throughout the demolition and construction processes. CEU limited its use of new construction materials and thus reduced its environmental footprint by reusing more than 400,000 bricks from one of the old buildings and retaining major structural elements of the Nador 13 Building. Conserving water, avoiding polluting community water systems, reducing noise and separating waste during demolition and construction were also essential to achieving the BREEAM certification.

“The BREEAM certification is a major step for CEU, but it’s only the beginning of how we plan to strengthen our commitment to reducing our environmental impact,” said Strenchock. “Environmental sustainability is something we both teach and research at CEU, so we know that our work is not yet done.”