CEU Needs Legal Guarantees if the Bavarian Solution is to Work

March 20, 2019

Budapest, March 20, 2019 —  “A door has opened”, CEU Rector Ignatieff declared, following the exchange of letters between PM Orbán and PM Söder supporting collaboration between CEU and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and following the suspension of Fidesz from the European People's Party.

The door is open, Ignatieff continued, but whether it leads to a solution depends on whether the Hungarian government will ratify an international agreement guaranteeing the freedom of CEU to operate in Budapest as a US degree granting institution.

Rector Ignatieff pointed out that the Bavarian PM’s letter called for a “legal guarantee by the Hungarian government that CEU can continue to award US and European diplomas in Budapest.”  This is the critical condition that now needs to be met by the Hungarian government without any further delay.

CEU thanks Prime Minister Söder, Mr. Manfred Weber and members of the EPP for their productive role. We hope their efforts will bear fruit. CEU looks forward to working with the ‘three wise men’, appointed by the EPP to ensure that the Hungarian government lives up to its commitments.

These developments do not change CEU’s plans in relation to Vienna. The university will establish a campus in Vienna to begin operations in September 2019, and CEU thanks the City of Vienna and the government of Austria for their warm and constructive welcome to the city.