Borderless Knowledge Lecture: What's the Secret of Success? CEU Határtalan tudás sorozata: Mi a siker titka? Hálózatok a siker szólgálatában

A packed audience attended CEU’s second Határtalan tudás [Borderless Knowledge] lecture on March 22. What is the Secret of Success? Networks in Favour of Success provided expert insights into the ways social networks can help differentiate ‘success’ from the merely average, and provided practical steps that individuals may themselves adopt in order to achieve success on their own endeavors.

The evening’s distinguished speakers included physicist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, professor in CEU’s Department of Network and Data Science and at Harvard University; Balazs Vedres, professor in CEU’s Departments of Network and Data Science and Sociology and Social Anthropology; and Bea Palya, acclaimed Hungarian singer and performer and CEO of the Palya Bea Production Company.

Watch the lecture, which is in Hungarian and accompanied by English subtitles, here:

A key CEU public engagement initiative, Határtalan tudás lectures are free to attend and cover popular scientific topics including climate change, cognitive science and network science. The series format puts together a panel comprising a CEU expert, a fellow academic from another university or an expert from the field, along with a Hungarian public figure whose role is to provide practical ways in which the audience may incorporate the research under discussion into their everyday lives.

All lectures are held in Hungarian, with simultaneous English translation provided as well.

The next lecture, Who do small children believe: adults or their own eyes?, takes place on April 25 at 6:00pm.