Leadership Meeting of CEU and TUM

April 12, 2019

Budapest, April 12, 2019 —  Senior teams from both universities met in Munich to hold in-depth discussions over a two-day period around the creation of a long-term cooperation framework in the shared areas of politics, technology and society. Proposed joint activities include new faculty appointments, study programs, joint research, and training professionals for the future.

Michael Ignatieff, President and Rector of CEU said: “TUM is an extremely promising partner for CEU because of its acknowledged world leadership in engineering, science and technology and its strong desire to develop and expand capability in the humanities and social sciences. Future joint programs will build on the expertise of both partners to interrogate the political, societal and ethical challenges and opportunities of new technologies.”

TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann said “CEU is a distinguished institution in humanities and social sciences, and we are therefore exploring long-term collaboration that would include the establishment of TUM-CEU faculty positions in Budapest, degree programs, in a unique and unprecedented combination.” He added that “such a partnership enhances our vision of human-centered engineering.”

Both parties will meet again in Budapest on May 7 to conclude the discussions and sign a bilateral agreement on the future cooperation.