CEU Students Address Challenges to Social Cohesion in Europe

Five CEU master’s students participated in the intensive Allianz Summer Academy held in Starnberg, Germany from September 29 to August 2, 2019.

The biennial academy brings together teams of students from universities across Europe to help address a particular challenge facing the region. This year’s topic centered on “Strengthening Social Cohesion in Europe: Five Practical Proposals to Tackle Inequalities.”

Supervised by Professor Marie-Pierre Granger, CEU students Bence Hamrak, Dominik Hertlik, Aga Januszcyk, Cristina Pricop and Benedict Stefani met weekly beginning in January 2019 to prepare a report addressing social cohesion. They presented their report, “Highway to Health – Reconciling Freedom of Movement and Social Cohesion in the European Health Sectors,” at the beginning of the academy. They then engaged in cross-university workshops and, together with civil society leaders, developed concrete projects to improve social cohesion in Europe. The program participants are now able to apply for financial support from Allianz to turn these projects into reality.

Five universities participated in the training this year: Central European University, Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government (UK), Charles University (Czech Republic), Ludwig Maximilian University (Germany) and Bocconi University (Italy).

Hamrak, Hertlik, Januszcyk, Pricop and Stefani will now join the extensive Allianz Alumni Network, in which CEU alumni are very active, including two who serve on the alumni council.