CEU Welcomes CEU-Bard Joint Program Visit

A group of students participating in CEU and Bard College’s joint master’s-level Advanced Certificate in Inequality Analysis program have visited CEU’s campus. The week-long series of classes and lectures provided participants with a number of unique academic opportunities delivered as part of the exchange between the universities.

This year’s program included a chance to hear from former Greek economy minister Dimitri Papadimitriou on Greece’s economic future. Currently president of the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, Papadimitriou offered two scenarios for Greece’s continued economic growth in the wake of the 2010 debt crisis. In addition to taking classes on the European Business Environment and the Economic Aspects of Inequality, the students also met with CEU students, toured CEU’s Open Society Archives and joined CEU students for lectures.

Students of the program, which provides a greater understanding of wealth distribution and relevant policy responses that address inequality, are required to complete coursework at both Bard College and CEU.

Former Greek economy minister Dimitri Papadimitriou