Musical Lecture by Marta Sebestyen and Judit Andrejszki Presents European Music of Centuries

December 19, 2019

Marta Sebestyen and Judit Andrejszki took their audience on a journey through time during their musical lecture: they presented the European music of centuries with a perspective on folk music, based on written and musical sources. The night reflected the European influences on Hungarian music.

Marta Sebestyen is a world-famous vocalist of Hungarian folk music and UNESCO Artist for Peace; Judit Andrejszki is an emblematic figure of Hungarian historical music. The event was organized jointly by the Cultural Heritage Studies Program and the Center for Arts and Culture.

The event was part of the Hermes musical lecture series. Hermes is the god of travelers, and a symbolic figure of transition in classical mythology. The series offers its audience a combination of talks and concerts, allowing them to travel along the borderlands of the performing arts and academic lectures.

Watch the highlights of the event here, as well as interviews with Marta Sebestyen and Judit Andrejszki where they reflect on how music can contribute to a more peaceful society and what folk music can offer to young people in Hungary today.