George Soros Named Philanthropist of The Year

CEU Founder and Honorary Chairman George Soros was named Philanthropist of The Year by Inside Philanthropy, a website launched in 2013 to focus on large philanthropic foundations and wealthy donors.

‘No donor is doing more to push back against the rising tide of authoritarianism worldwide—Soros is now engaged in his “biggest battle yet” at home and abroad, including pledging over $800 million in new support for academic freedom in Central Europe’ the magazine said.

Congratulating George Soros, Rector and President Michael Ignatieff recalled his words in November 2019, when, at the inauguration of CEU’s Vienna campus, the Founder announced that Open Society Foundations is committing 750 million euros to CEU: "With one typically decisive stroke, you guaranteed our future for years to come".

In consideration of the far-reaching impact of OSF, Inside Philanthropy also named Soros’s 35-year-old son Alexander as the Most Intriguing Heir in 2019. Alexander Soros serves as deputy chair of the organization.

Inside Philanthropy has been publishing the annual IP Awards since 2014, covering dozens of categories related to philanthropy.