Our Life in the Era of Big Data

The latest lecture of CEU’s acclaimed Borderless Knowledge open lecture series addressed data -  how the exponentially increasing amount of data collected, stored and processed might affect our lives.

The panel responded to issues including how this data is used in all kinds of commercial activities - even in dating – and whether data-based research could create a breakthrough in the search for a cure for cancer. More thorny questions included whether artificial intelligence is taking over the role of the human in science and how secure our privacy is on the World Wide Web.

“Talking Data – Our life in the Era of Big Data” featured Janos Kertesz, Szechenyi Prize-winning Hungarian physicist, network researcher, professor at CEU; Daniel Veres, medical scientist, founder of Turbine startup company; and Julia Koltai, Assistant Professor at Eötvös Loránd University and Researcher at the Center for Social Sciences in the field of quantitative sociology.

As is the unique framework of the Borderless Knowledge open lecture series, CEU professors, leading Hungarian experts and well-known public figures discuss innovative – sometimes controversial – but always deeply fascinating recent scientific findings and the direct impact they have on our everyday lives.

All lectures are held in Hungarian, with simultaneous English translation provided. Our video is subtitled in English.

Previous lectures have addressed global warming, networks and research on childhood cognitive development, and the possibility of a global economic crisis.

Video recordings of previous lectures are available here.