CEU Offers Scholarships for Its New BA Students With Refugee Status

February 18, 2020

Central European University is offering three Scholarships for Refugees that will be available for admitted BA candidates with refugee status. This scholarship, together with the Inaugural Class Tuition Award given to all admitted students, will cover tuition fees throughout the four years of BA studies (up to 5,000 EUR/year from each award) and dormitory housing.

 „CEU has long been committed to educating young women and men from around the world, and doing so with a strong mission of fostering open societies and critical minds. We believe that those whose families have endured the challenges of dislocation should not be denied such opportunity, and we are truly excited to offer these inaugural BA class scholarships,” said Dorit Geva, CEU’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Central European University is launching its pioneering undergraduate offer with two highly interdisciplinary bachelor’s degrees in Vienna in 2020: Culture, Politics and Society (CPS); and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

CEU offers an Inaugural Class Tuition Award of 50% to all successful candidates who start their bachelor’s studies at CEU in September 2020. Members of the Inaugural Class will be granted this Award for the entire duration of their studies, i.e. a tuition fee of 5000 EUR/year.

In addition to the Inaugural Class Tuition Award, two outstanding candidates will receive a Presidential Award for the total value of 5,000 EUR each. Additionally, four Presidential Graduate Research Awards of €1,000 are awarded annually to exceptional Master’s and Doctoral students whose research shows promise for the next generation.

 More information on the Scholarships for Refugees can be found here.