Gender and Gender Changers

Is it possible to change gender or live without gender? Is it dangerous for the society? What does „gender” mean and what is „gender theory”?

In Western Europe more and more young people want to live outside the usual gender categories or change their gender. Gender-neutral toilets are popular and the "third gender" category is an option in the birth certificate in several countries. Is it just a fading fashion trend? What does "gender" mean? And what questions does it raise in terms of science, social movements, biology, and religion? These are the topics that were discussed at the latest event of the "Borderless Knowledge" lecture series.

Eva Fodor - sociologist, CEU
Joci Marton - activist, OSF Youth Exchange Fellowship Program
Laszlo Acsady - neuroscientist, corresponding member, MTA
Andras Reuss - theology professor

As is the unique framework of the Borderless Knowledge open lecture series, CEU professors, leading Hungarian experts and well-known public figures discuss innovative – sometimes controversial – but always deeply fascinating recent scientific findings and the direct impact they have on our everyday lives.

All lectures are held in Hungarian, with simultaneous English translation provided. Our video is subtitled in English.

Previous lectures have addressed global warming, networks and research on childhood cognitive development, the possibility of a global economic crisis, and our life in the era of big data.

Video recordings of previous lectures are available here.