Krizsan Receives Inaugural Emma Goldman Award

Andrea Krizsan, Research Fellow at CEU’s Center for Policy Studies, received the inaugural Emma Goldman Award at Vienna’s Institute of Human Sciences (IWM) for her substantial contributions to the study of feminist and inequality issues in Europe.

She was honored by the independent FLAX Foundation during a special inaugural event at IWN in February, where she drew praise for her pioneering work.

FLAX Foundation Chair Mieke Verloo lauded Krizsan for challenging Western European academics to understand Europe beyond “the small but hegemonic West.”

“She never tires of seeing and creating opportunities for herself … to open the field for new topics,” Verloo said in his speech presenting the 50,000-euro award.

Noting Krizsan’s work in minority protection, anti-discrimination, gender based violence and democratic backsliding – work which includes a co-authored background paper presented to the UN Commission on the Status of Women – Verloo added “she is bringing her work to places where they could and should listen.”

In addition to her academic work, Krizsan also chairs the CEU Senate’s Equal Opportunity Committee and leads CEU’s Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia (SUPERA) team.

The other five academics awarded with the Emma Goldman Award at the event were Rossella Ciccia, Lucas R. Platero, Marta Rawluszko, Akwugo Emejulu and Amade M’Charek. You can learn more about the awardees at this link.

About the Emma Goldman Awards

Starting this year, the newly founded FLAX Foundation will issue awards to talented and engaged scholars of feminist and inequality issues in Europe, to support their research and development. The IWM will host two Emma Goldman Fellows each year, beginning in 2020, until 2025, funded by the FLAX Foundation. There will be two types of awards to be issued: the Emma Goldman Awards (EUR 50,000), and the Emma Goldman Snowball Awards (EUR 10,000). Both will be awarded annually to five to ten selected candidates. The awards will be given to individuals residing in Europe, based on the following criteria: extraordinary expertise on, and engagement with, scholarship in the field of feminist and inequality issues; track record of substantial contributions to knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe; track record of collaboration and solidarity; public spirit; originality; insight into their chosen field; and potential for future contribution to knowledge.