CEU in the International Media - March 2020

Please see a compilation of March news highlights below. Where the link is to an article in a language other than English, you will find a 'translate' button next to the item. Our faculty and researchers are frequently in the news, so do note that this selection features as selection of highlights only.

Director of CMDS Marius Dragomir quoted: https://www.tol.org/client/article/28803-social-media-freedom-reuters-report-central-eastern-europe.html

Eurasia Review - 1/03/2020
University of Zurich as well as Federico Battiston from the Central European University in Budapest. The researchers
The PIE News - 4/03/2020
A career of teaching and leadership with the Central European University ultimately led Italian Renaissance studies
Medium - 5/03/2020
times,” said an Indian student from Central European University (CEU), a private school in Budapest and...
Zeit Online - 5/03/2020
das Gesetz war die vom US-Milliardär George Soros 1991 gegründete Central European University gezwungen, von
Politico Europe - 5/03/2020
critics have raised concerns about what they describe as Hungarian government efforts to prevent CEU from complying
EURACTIV - 5/03/2020
on whether to close the prestigious Central European University (CEU), a symbol of the resistance in Hungary, is...
Deutschlandfunk - 5/03/2020
richtete sich gegen die vom US-Milliardär Soros geförderte Central European University (CEU). Kritiker der...
Telegram.hr - 5/03/2020
danas, povodom ovoga mišljenja, svojim studentima obratio rektor Central European Universityja Michael Ignatieff....
Ghana Web - 7/03/2020
the Director at the Centre for Media, Data and Society at Central European University. “The first three types of financial...
EUobserver.com - 6/03/2020
Iulius Rostas, visiting professor at the Romani Studies Programme at Central European University, has called for a
The Business of Giving - 9/03/2020
where there is a need. We have pioneered together with the Central European University, which he founded, so these
The Wire - 10/03/2020
to the Netherlands in 2018 and received her MA from the Central European University in Budapest. She is currently at the
Times Higher Education - 12/03/2020
”, explained Gábor Klaniczay, professor of medieval studies at the Central European University, an institution that the
Treffpunkt Europa - 16/03/2020
In 2019, Central European University, a renowned graduate-level educational institution in Budapest, Hungary, was finally
Adevarul.ro - 19/03/2020
care v-am vorbit, Bogdan Burduşel, preşedintele studenţilor de la Central European University, un rom. Şi suntem mulţi
Science|Business - 25/03/2020
are fine,” Fodor said. The CEU campus was split between Budapest and Vienna, after the Hungarian...
De Volkskrant - 25/03/2020
niet vanzelfsprekend. Lisette Reuvers en Jan Jacob ­Vogelaar, alumni Central European University. Lees ook Bijna heel
Medium - 26/03/2020
Marques Rocha is a Master’s student of Public Administration at Central European University. This article was
NRC.nl - 26/03/2020
machtsgreep”, zegt de Hongaarse grondwetdeskundige Renáta Uitz, van de Central European University. „De volmacht
Bloomberg - 30/03/2020
, director of the comparative constitutional-law program at Central European University in Budapest. German Chancellor

APA-OTS - 4/03/2020
Studentenheim fußläufige Nähe zum Hauptbahnhof, 11 Minuten zur Central European University oder 20 Minuten zur
MSN Österreich - 4/03/2020
unter die Top 50 kommt die seit kurzem auch in Wien ansässige Central European University (CEU), die von den...
DiePresse.com - 5/03/2020
2019/2020 findet der Unterricht an der Central European University (CEU) in der Quellenstraße 51 in Wien...
DerStandard.de - 6/03/2020
und Lehrenden fort. Spätestens mit dem Umzug der Central European University (CEU) nach Wien hat der Konflikt...
DerStandard.de - 23/03/2020
Michael Ignatieff, der kanadische Politologe und Rektor der zum Teil bereits aus Budapest nach Wien vertriebenen Central...
Der Spiegel - 24/03/2020
NGOs kann er per Gesetz verbieten lassen, die renommierte Central European University trieb er außer Landes. Orbán will
Orf.at - 31/03/2020
Die Central European University (CEU), die seit vergangenem September Studiengänge in