CEU: Giving Back to Our Community During COVID-19

During the ongoing crisis, CEU volunteers are continuing to provide support to communities within Hungary. 

As Flora Laszlo, Director of the Community Engagement Office at CEU notes, volunteering offers "a great opportunity for our community to contribute and help make these programs available to as many as possible".

Caring for each other is more important than ever during isolation. That is why CEU has selected two key areas where we would like to help our neighbours in Hungary. The first is educational support for school age children and young adults. This is especially important, given that the educational habits and methods that they are used to have been completely upended. Even those who have engaged with online learning may find this challenging, but it is especially so for those students for whom online learning is an entirely new experience. Not only are adequate technical tools necessary, such as good internet connection and computers or suitable mobile devices, but online learning also requires an independent learning style and good time management techniques.

The second area where CEU can support its neighbours is with respect to solitude, which especially can affect the elderly during the lockdown, and in particular those who live alone.

​CEU volunteers offer English-language tutoring for elementary and secondary school children, IT mentoring for people of any age, and virtual company for the elderly, via letters and phone calls.

“We have only recently begun to promote these services. We will consider the specific needs of each person signing up, and are currently at the stage of pairing CEU volunteers with each, allocating the volunteer most suited”, says Laszlo.

​“Sharing our knowledge and resources with the communities living around us is a really important university mission. By offering these volunteer services, we contribute to providing access to knowledge for everyone, and we also action our responsibility towards Hungarian society”, she adds.

If you would like to receive assistance from our volunteers, please sign up with this form.

As all services are intended for the Hungarian public, knowledge of the language is required in order to apply.