CEU in the International Media - April 2020

Please see a compilation of April news highlights below. Where the link is to an article in a language other than English, you will find a 'translate' button next to the item. Our faculty and researchers are frequently in the news, so do note that this selection features as selection of highlights only.

CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff: https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-internacional-52134500 and https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/despots-will-use-the-crisis-to-kill-democracy-9gp7khbkk

CPS Researcher Peter Rado: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/victor-orbans-power-grab-in-hungry-heightens-fears-of-dictatorship-in-eu-83h3g9lpm

CMDS Coordinator Robert Nemeth: https://www.portalnovosti.com/kako-covid-19-ugrozava-medijske-slobode

CEU student Imre Szijarto and CEU alumna Rosa Schwartzburg: https://thewire.in/world/viktor-orban-is-using-the-coronavirus-emergency-to-crush-minorities

PhD Student Milan Janosov: https://socialsciences.nature.com/channels/2723-earth-day-2020/posts/66595-key-topics-of-climate-change-research

Professor Aleh Cherp: https://socialsciences.nature.com/users/390808-aleh-cherp/posts/66644-by-disrupting-technology-diffusion-and-supply-chains-covid-19-may-harm-renewables-more-than-coal-but-still-weaken-coal-lock-in-in-developing-countries

Director of CMDS Marius Dragomir: https://www.bbc.com/russian/features-52465429

CMDS Researcher Judit Szakacs: https://www.eurozine.com/the-business-of-disinformation/

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 1/04/2020
," Renata Uitz, director of the comparative constitutional law program at Central European University in Budapest, said
Medium - 4/04/2020
my political science doctorate at Hungary’s Central European University. CEU was founded by...
The Budapest Business Journal - 2/04/2020
securing a permanent home for CEU as an academic institution based in Vienna." Rector Michael Ignatieff...
Medium - 2/04/2020
. Levani Tevdoradze is a student of Public Administration at Central European University. This article was documented
The Wire - 2/04/2020
had also previously forced Budapest’s Central European University (CEU), founded by Hungarian-American...
The Atlantic - 2/04/2020
governments,” Petra Bárd, a law professor and researcher at the Central European University, which has in the past
CBC Radio - 4/04/2020
, the conflict there, though, is against George Soros, who's the founder of Central European University. And I know this...
University World News - 4/04/2020
and some other countries. The best-known case is the Central European University, which was forced to move its
Treffpunkt Europa - 5/04/2020
En 2019, l’Université d’Europe Centrale (CEU), un établissement d’enseignement supérieur renommé à Budapest, en
Le Taurillon - 5/04/2020
En 2019, l’Université d’Europe Centrale (CEU), un établissement d’enseignement supérieur renommé à Budapest, en
My Republica - Nagarik Network - 5/04/2020
. Maciej Kisilowski is a Professor of Law and Public Management at Central European University. Anna Wojcik is
CNN.com - Transcripts - 5/04/2020
this mean for Hungary, Michael Ignatieff is the President of the Central European University; a George Soros...
Crossroads Today - 5/04/2020
Central European University President Michael Ignatieff and FT correspondent Valerie Hopkins examine how Hungary’s
Euronews - 7/04/2020
bad memories indeed. Renata Uitz is chair of the Comparative Constitutional Law program at the Central European
AP (Hosted) - 29/04/2020
, and Anna Zamm, Postdoctoral research fellow in Cognitive Science, Central European University As cities all over the
Inter News Cast - 10/04/2020
the president of Central European University in Budapest. Canadian academic and former federal Liberal opposition
Dagsavisen - 14/04/2020
annet fra «anti-gender»-bevegelser. Andrea Pëto, forsker ved Central European University, sier at motstanden mot kjønn
Sveriges Radio - 12/04/2020
fått stramare tyglar – inte minst gäller det George Soros-grundade Centraleuropeiska Universitetet, CEU, som tvingats...
Wyborcza - 14/04/2020
(LSE) oraz w INE PAN. Doktoryzował się z ekonomii na Central European University (CEU) w Budapeszcie. Wojciech
Politico Europe - 17/04/2020
Labelle, Jean Monnet Chair in Energy and Innovation Strategies at Central European University. "A change in government
FAZ.net - 17/04/2020
liberale Central European University aus dem Land vertrieb, stieß jüngst Krisztina Kós, langjährige Leiterin der Central...
BalkanInsight.com - 22/04/2020
of the Centre of Neighbourhood Studies at the Central European University (CEU) and Hungary’s former European...
BalkanInsight.com - 23/04/2020
save lives. Laszlo Bruszt, Professor of Political Science at Central European University, served as Acting Rector and
Open Democracy - 22/04/2020
in the PhD support program of the gender studies department at the Central European University in Budapest in 1997, I
Новини України й Світу - 29/04/2020
института Юлия Юрчук, историк, исследователь политики памяти, Университет Седерторн, Швеция Mézes Ádám, 
Snopes.com - 30/04/2020
Dieter Reinisch, a historian at the Institute for Advanced Study, Central European University, was familiar with the
Cleveland Jewish News - 1/04/2020
by Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban. His private Central European University had to leave Budapest after the
The American Prospect - 6/04/2020
the case of one of Europe’s leading international graduate institutions, Central European University, he implemented
Treffpunkt Europa - 8/04/2020
scheme in Hungary, spending six months researching and learning at the Central European University, and has a
Lawfare Blog - 14/04/2020
picked a months-long legal battle with Central European University (founded by George Soros and one of the region’s...
The Korea Times - 22/04/2020
save lives. Laszlo Bruszt, professor of political science at Central European University, served as acting rector and
Voice of America - 13/04/2020
of the Comparative Constitutional Law program at the Vienna-based Central European University, is to block Hungary
Green European Journal - 30/04/2020
has parallels in Russia and China. The attack on the Central European University is similar to how Recep Tayyip

APA-OTS - 1/04/2020
Schieder: Penzing heißt die Central European University herzlich willkommen CEU ist ein Gewinn für Wien als...
Heute.at - 2/04/2020
Ab 2025 soll die Central European University (CEU) das Otto Wagner Areal als Campus nutzen. "Grundsätzlich ist...
DerStandard.de - 14/04/2020
die Systemerhalterinnen besser Was macht eigentlich eine interne Revisorin? Central European University: Vollbetrieb ab
Orf.at - 21/04/2020
die Proteste der Studierenden im Zuge der Eliminierung der Central European University durch Orban. Although the
APA-OTS - 27/04/2020
können, um ihren Lebensunterhalt zu bestreiten. An der Central European University Vienna Campus (CEU) wurde in...
DerStandard.at - 3/04/2020
Eröffnung im November in Wien. Doch auch nach dem Umzug nach Wien will die CEU ein