CEU Pro-Rector Enyedi Honored by Hungarian Academy

The Presidium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2020 Academic Award to Pro-Rector Zsolt Enyedi in recognition of his outstanding research. Professor at the Department of Political Science in CEU, Enyedi is the first political scientist to receive the prestigious award which was established in 1960.

According to the citation, Professor Enyedi receives the award for his "outstanding analysis of the development and changes of the Hungarian party system; for his research on the general issues and methodological implications of voting behavior and party development; for his outstanding publications; and for his efforts to strengthen the linkages between domestic and international science."

Commenting on the accolade, Pro-Rector Zsolt Enyedi said: "It is always nice to be recognized by one’s peers, but I believe that this award has much to do with the excellent research conducted by the entire CEU community."

The full list of academics honored by the Academy is published on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) website. Due to Covid-19, the awards ceremony will be held at a later date in the year.