CEU iLab helps lead #EUvsVIRUS European Commission Hackathon

May 11, 2020

Sometimes it is worth highlighting the positive outcomes that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Among these was the #EUvsVIRUS Pan-European hackathon organized by the European Commission, which brought participants together for a three-day event to inspire innovators to find solutions on not only how to tackle the virus itself, but also manage the socio-economic ripples that the pandemic has caused.

CEU iLab took part in the massive online initiative, which drew contributors from governments, universities, the business world and NGOs. In addition to providing two teams, in its role as an official partner, the iLab managed the event and contributed staff to help mentor teams.

iLab Director Andrea Kozma, Challenge Lead for the Digital Finance Domain, said that despite its enormous size, the hackathon was still able to operate smoothly. Observing how the event revealed new effective approaches for policymaking and ecosystem building, Kozma added that the hackathon’s structure “opened new possibilities for knowledge creation and network crowdsourcing, which perhaps would not have been explored otherwise”.

For a more detailed overview of the hackathon, please read Andrea Kozma’s summary available on the iLab’s website.