"Class of 2020: We Want You to Be as Unique, as Creative, as Brilliant as You Like!"

Due to C19, CEU has announced that its traditional graduation ceremony cannot take place as usual. The university had been considering how best to rethink graduation, as the situation has continued to evolve. Led by the Dean of Students, a working group of CEU people—staff, faculty, coordinators and students—examined potential options. The following proposal was formally announced by the Rector and President Michael Ignatieff in an email to the community:

The physical graduation ceremony is to be postponed to 2021. In addition, the university intends to mark the great achievement that is the attainment of a degree from CEU holding an online ceremony, at the end of June 2020.

According to the Rector, the latter will involve two parts. The first will be the ‘official’ part (the central university part) of the graduation with messages to students from the President and Rector, the Board of Trustees, a student and an alumni speaker and a commencement speaker. This is to be followed by the departmental part, incorporates meaningful department-specific components, to be created and designed by departments and their students, with help from the Dean of Students Office. 

As the Rector explained to the graduating cohort, "This is your ceremony - it’s where you mark the completion of this period of study. It's where you transition from being a CEU student to a CEU graduate, from being a member of our immediate CEU community to being part of the world-wide CEU family. Together, we will make this an event to remember."

In June 2021, as CEU commemorates its 30th anniversary with a week-long series of events, it will also hold a separate Class of 2020 graduation ceremony.