Lazy Women: A New Platform Exploring the Female Experience

May 27, 2020

by Zsofia Borsi, master's student in political science

 "Our Story: Lazy Women"

We may all have been called lazy at some point in our lives, however the quality of ‘laziness’ is often problematised differently along gendered dimensions. 

The ‘female’ is traditionally seen as a homemaker, occupied with reproductive, invisible tasks. She is not ‘out there’ changing the world, but rather making room for men to pursue public, traditionally perceived as ‘productive’ activities. Her ‘laziness’ is problematized as it has an impact on others, on her ‘domain’, the household. In contrast, narratives around men’s laziness often do not go beyond the impact on the actor itself, perhaps making it less significant whether one is a ‘lazy man’ or not. 

Although the public-private, productive-reproductive dichotomies have been contested by feminism, their legacy remains. Here at Lazy Women, we want to challenge the negative connotation of women’s laziness. Instead we wish to reclaim the concept of laziness as aberrant and counterproductive, providing a platform that can be used to make public the many creative and literary endeavours women around the world pursue in the private sphere (often considered inherently of less value than monetized or public work). 

We aim to reposition the concept of femininity as one that is based on a constant dialogue between anyone who identifies with the feminine experience or perspective in any respect. We are an inclusive and intersectional platform, providing space for a diverse range of voices to facilitate and encourage this dialogue, through which we can discover new meanings. We don’t want to tell you what feminism is, but to provide a platform for discussion about feminism – we are currently working on a ‘Lazy Women in conversation with each other’ series, in which we will publish conversations between Lazy Women members who may have different understandings of or approaches to their feminism. Our first debate will be on feminism’s relationship to neoliberalism. 

COVID-19 has created an environment where many of us are forced to stay at home, and the way we understand and make use of the ‘domestic’ sphere is undergoing reevaluation. For many, this time offers us a chance to, if not embrace, then reflect on what it means to be lazy, as the lines between leisure (associated with our homes) and work (the office that is now…also in our home) becomes increasingly blurred, complicated. This disruption to the public-private dichotomy inspired us to launch Lazy Women. 

The idea itself - of Lazy Women - was conceived about 6 months ago. However, the platform itself was only realised during lockdown, towards the end of April. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our current team members, we have been able to publish great new content and spread the word about Lazy Women. But this is only the beginning – our plans include the launching of a Facebook page and a detailed section on our writers. We also plan to set up several online workshops available to all and physical ones too, aimed at members of the CEU community in Budapest by the end of this month. 

What we do

Our mission is to:

  • provide a platform for everyone who identifies with a female perspective / the female experience to publish their artistic projects, whatever the ‘female’ or ‘womanhood’ means to you
  • bring together talented voices from all over the world
  • nudge everyone out of boredom through tutorials, recommendations, workshops
  • start an intergenerational dialogue around the concept of ‘laziness’ 

We aim to capture people’s attention by providing an eclectic mix of articles, short fiction, poetry, personal essays, visual art, as well as video tutorials and workshops. In a way, this is what marks us as unique - our discussions of sociopolitical and cultural issues aren’t limited to one specific format, and we encourage evaluations of ways in which public issues affect and are affected by the personal. We value a variety of approaches in the content we publish and hope this contributes to our platform’s challenging of popular narratives around what a “serious” discussion around politics, social and gender issues, etc. can look like. 

In the post-COVID future, Lazy Women envisions occupying both physical and online spaces. Right now we are focusing on growing our website and digital platforms, but one day we would like to establish “hubs”, physical spaces that can serve as meeting spaces for Lazy Women in Budapest, London and indeed, elsewhere. Other post-COVID plans include the launch of a podcast, workshop series, a reading circle and a mentoring scheme to encourage intergenerational dialogue. 

We strongly value accessibility to our content, although we envision a future where we are able to compensate our incredible contributors for their work. 

Our team

Lazy Women is a growing collective of writers and creatives from a wide range of nationalities, disciplinary backgrounds, who have gathered to give voice to their own understandings of the female experience and its relation to the public/private dichotomy. 

Our current team consists of 20 talented and inspiring women from Hungary, the UK, the U.S., Brazil, Romania and France who have been doing some outstanding work, from talking about deeply personal experiences of a buzzcut or living with OCD, to companies monetizing lockdown guilt on social media, as well as creating amazing illustrations. As an intersectional feminist platform, we look forward to working with writers, artists, and content creators from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences. 

Get in Touch

We are always keen to work with passionate individuals and like-minded organisations. Take a look around, and please do get in touch with us if you want to collaborate with us or become part of our growing team of Lazy Women! 

Interested in submitting content?

Please submit your content to with “Blog Contribution” as your subject line, a short description of the work you are submitting, and the work attached as a google file. Feel free to pitch ideas for work that is not yet complete or ready for submission. 

We seek to publish visual art, articles, short fiction, poetry, craft and cooking tutorials, and personal essays and are always open to new ideas and forms of content. While we are unable to publish every submission we receive, we aim to respond to submissions with a decision about publication within a week’s time. 

Interested in becoming a member of our team?

Please reach out to with your areas of interest, possible sample work and contribution ideas. 

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