Top Student Tips for Staying Productive When Studying at Home

June 19, 2020

Coping with exams and deadlines can be stressful at the best of times – and so much more so now. We’ve asked our students for their favorite productivity hacks to help you stay focused – and well – while studying at home.

photo by Anna Tulubenskaia

Anna Tulubenskaia

Use your time in the morning wisely. For me, those first hours after waking up, while the mind is still fresh, are the most effective when it comes to proofreading what you wrote last night or organizing your thoughts.

Exercise! If you cannot find the motivation, convince your friends to join you via Zoom (one of them just might turn out to be a yoga-guru)!

photo by Dayana Shaybazyan

Dayana Shaybazyan

Maintaining a clean working environment and decluttering your workspace will prevent viruses from lingering on unclean surfaces and will boost your productivity at the same time!

photo by Gesine Reichel

Gesine Reichel

What has helped me keep a clear mind and remain focused on studying has been a structure to my day – including conscious breaks involving physical activity and leaving my room – and spending time outside in nature during a run or a walk.

Photo by Glenn Mills

Glenn Mills

You may never have this much reading time on your hands again. Pick a book completely at random and see what new authors and interests you might discover.

photo by Grace Elizabeth Linczer

Grace Elizabeth Linczer

When I need to focus at home, I sit somewhere with natural light, grab a coffee, tea, or smoothie, and follow my to-do list. I also make sure to take quick breaks at least every two hours—even ten minutes out in the sunshine can help me refocus.

photo by Johana Cernochova and Filip Rambousek

Johana Cernochova and Filip Rambousek

To stay productive, we go for a walk to have some fresh air every day.

photo by Oguljemal Yaryyeva

Oguljemal Yaryyeva

Hitting a tennis ball has been very helpful for me to stay productive and stress-free while studying at the CEU Residence Center.

photo by Yara Naser Aldin

Yara Naser Aldin

During this difficult and intense time, sometimes I feel like I have had enough of studying, am super tired, and do not have the energy to function anymore. To counteract this, I usually make sure to take a break during the day, sometimes for even more than an hour, in order to dispense with all this negative energy and recharge my soul and mind to function once again.

To achieve this, I usually have a cup of coffee outside in my garden while listening to my favorite music, and just chill! But since I am also a food lover, I make sure to take the time to cook, leave everything behind, and just focus on creating new recipes… I love trying new recipes, especially when it comes to desserts!