CEU in the International Media - June 2020

Please see a compilation of June news highlights below. Where the link is to an article in a language other than English, you will find a 'translate' button next to the item. Our faculty and researchers are frequently in the news, so do note that this selection features a selection of highlights only. 

President and Rector Michael Ignatieff and PhD student Orsolya Lehotai: https://www.codastory.com/waronscience/hungary-challenges-the-eu/

Professor Andrea Peto: https://www.ilfoglio.it/eu-porn/2020/06/18/news/quelleuropa-succosissima-321150/

Visiting Professor Petra Bard: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/18/world/europe/hungary-eu-ngo-law.html?auth=login-email&login=email&searchResultPosition=3 and https://verfassungsblog.de/defending-the-open-society-against-its-enemies/

CMDS:  https://www.sme.sk/predplatne-reklama/?ref=fund-choice and https://www.ipn.md/ro/fiecare-al-saselea-manager-din-mass-media-nu-considera-7967_1074375.html

NBC-2.com - 1/06/2020
and his reviewer, Tim Crane, professor of Philosophy of the Central European University (in Budapest), and Philosophy
Ośrodek Kontroli Obywatelskiej - 1/06/2020
), Laurent Pech (Middlesex University London) oraz Renáta Uitz (Central European University). Podpisało się pod nim
CPI Competition Policy International - 2/06/2020
Law at the University of Szeged, recurrent visiting professor at the Central European University (Budapest/New York) and
The New York Review of Books - 3/06/2020
Hungary’s international, liberal university, the Central European University founded by George Soros; forced ...
InfoLibre - 4/06/2020
en la Universidad de Zaragoza y profesor visitante en la Central European University. José Escribano Julián Casanova
Amos News - 4/06/2020
, Universita Bocconi (Italia) Preşedinte şi Rector Michael Ignatieff, Central European University (Ungaria şi Austria) ...
NewStatesman - 4/06/2020
has largely pushed out Central European University, the institute founded by Hungarian-born billionaire philanthropist
Decaturish - 6/06/2020
. She plans to move to Vienna, Austria in August to attend Central European University to study Comparative History. “I do
Medium - 12/06/2020
a customized law to end academic freedom as well as force the Central European University (CEU), an openly
ScienceDaily - 15/06/2020
Fe Institute Omidyar Fellow, and co-authored by Dan Sperber of Central European University and Miko?aj Hernik, of UiT
Medium - 16/06/2020
fellow of the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) at the Central European University (CEU). John can be contacted
Die Welt - 18/06/2020
und Namen. Die von Soros gegründete Central European University (CEU) vertrieb er mit Gesetzesschikanen aus ...
The Wire - 18/06/2020
is a Hungarian activist, writer, and MA student at the Central European University. This article was originally published on
Financial Times - 18/06/2020
The Irish Times - 19/06/2020
of changes to Hungarian education sector rules that forced the Soros-funded Central European University to move its
Le Taurillon - 22/06/2020
United States, he is currently a postgraduate student at Central European University, where he studies nationalist politics
moderndiplomacy - 24/06/2020
in an already turbulent region. *Ahmed Elbasuoeny holds a degree in Comparative Constitutional Law from Central
The Slovak Spectator - 24/06/2020
Shane Markowitz holds a PhD in political science from Central European University with a research specialization in
Global New Light Of Myanmar - 25/06/2020
Universities’. This was followed by Prof Liviu Matei (Central European University) on ‘University Research and National ...
Times Higher Education - 26/06/2020
has held numerous faculty roles including a visiting position at the Central European University, an institution forced last
Medium - 26/06/2020
Institute Omidyar Fellow, and co-authored by Dan Sperber of Central European University and Mikolaj Hernik, of UiT the
La Union -Ciencia - 29/06/2020
Sobre la metodología, Gerardo Iñiguez, profesor asistente en la Central European University, investigador visitante de la
European Council on Foreign Relations - 29/06/2020
a referendum around him, but also harassed the Central European University, run by Michael Ignatieff, until it closed. In...
EurekAlert! - 29/06/2020
is a joint initiative of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Central European University CEU, Danube University Krems,
The Economist (eClips Web) - 25/06/2020
Liber Tatea - 18/06/2020
din spatele inițiativei, prostie comparabilă cu gestul de a trimite Central European University, cea mai bună universitate

Brandaktuell - 2/06/2020
Fellow am Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) der Central European University (CEU). Von 2017 bis Mai 2020 war
DiePresse.com - 2/06/2020
Bank of China (ICBC) eine Niederlassung. Auch die Central European University, die im Vorjahr von Budapest nach Wien
Wien.at - 3/06/2020
“, so Finanzstadtrat Peter Hanke: „Ich freue mich, dass die CEU in Wien am Otto-Wagner-Areal ein wichtiges ...
Brandaktuell - 3/06/2020
– Heute wurde von Vertreter_innen der Wiener Stadtregierung die fixe Ansiedelung der Central European University (CEU)
Science.apa.at - 4/06/2020
von international anerkannten Privatuniversitäten wie z.B. der Central European University in Zukunft verhindert. Auch die
Brandaktuell - 5/06/2020
Olischar über die geplante Nachnutzung eines Teils des Areals durch die Central European University (CEU): „Das ist ein
DerStandard.de - 19/06/2020
, 19.6.2020) Dieter Reinisch ist Historiker am Institute for Advanced Study an der Central European University in Budapest.
APA-OTS - 24/06/2020
NEOS Wien/Gara: Ansiedlung der CEU ist ein wichtiger Schritt für die Zukunft des Otto-Wagner-Areals Stefan Gara: „Es ...
Wien.at - 24/06/2020
durch die CEU/George Soros; Wirtschaftsagentur Wien wird mit Verhandlungen beauftragt April 2018: Stadt ...
Wien.at - 24/06/2020
des Otto-Wagner-Areals als Standort für die Central European University (CEU) als „wichtigen Schritt“ für die Stadt ...
Meinbezirk.at - 29/06/2020
diskutiert und dann mehrheitlich beschlossen wurden: die Ansiedlung der Central European