Central European University Mourns the Death of Student Raza Khan

July 8, 2020

The following message was sent to members of the CEU community on Wednesday July 8 from Rector and President Michael Ignatieff

Dear CEU Community,

I have to inform you that Raza Khan, our friend and student, who has been missing since March 2, has been found dead. His family has returned his body to Pakistan for burial. Tim Crane, Raza’s head of department, speaks on behalf of the whole CEU community when he says: “Raza was much loved, and we are devastated at the news of his death. We would like to thank his friends and fellow students, our alums, faculty and staff who helped in the search for Raza, and who gave assistance and kindness to his parents and uncle when they came to look for their son and nephew in the aftermath after his disappearance.”

Raza had not been seen since going missing from his home on March 2nd. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unknown, but as a community we mourn his loss and extend our deepest condolences to his family and to all those who were close to him, especially his fellow classmates and the faculty and staff of the Philosophy department.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Raza Khan came to CEU in 2018 to study for the two-year MA in Philosophy, having completed his first degree in Lahore. He soon established himself in the department, making many friends and working hard on philosophy. Raza had particular interests in the philosophy of mind and the philosophical relevance of neuroscience: he wrote his undergraduate dissertation on the mind-body problem, his MA thesis was to be on a related subject, and before he died he had applied to do a Masters in neuroscience at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. One of his friends says that Raza 'was absolutely brilliant, yet he never looked over his shoulder at anyone’. According to one of his tutors, as a student Raza was diligent and serious, and his interventions in class were economical and always to the point: he never wasted words.
Raza had a quiet and somewhat reserved manner, but it didn’t take long for his sense of humour to come out. In the many tributes to Raza, all have emphasised how funny he was in conversation. A friend comments that he likes 'to remember the good, high-spirited fun we had with him, singing, dancing and cracking jokes’. Raza made strong friendships, even in the relatively short time he was at CEU. He was warm, caring and kind, always ready to help out his friends if they were feeling down. Another friend puts it simply: 'we are all lucky to have known him and to have been his friends’. He will be greatly missed.
RAZA KHAN (1991–2020)