Media Spotlight: CEU's Covid-19 Expert Commentary and Research, June-July

CEU Alumn Pawel Bukowski’s opinion piece on the effects of Covid-19 on women appears in Polish news site, while CEU Alumn Shane Markowitz highlights that the virus has not yet run its course in Slovakia, in The Slovak Spectator. PhD Student Christian Gibbons writes on Europe’s post-pandemic geopolitical future in; and Visiting Professor Julian Casanova is interviewed about the possible aftermath of the virus for Spanish news site Info Libre. Political Science alumn Felipe Gonzales Santos was interviewed on BBC about how people have mobilized during the Covid-19 pandemic. Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science Anil Duman published on the increasing inequality caused by Covid-19 in Turkish

Hungarian media frequently features expert commentary from CEU faculty members on topics ranging from politics, and environmental issues to human rights in connection with coronavirus. This includes CELAB Director Professor Judit Sandor’s Op.Ed. in on how the pandemic has changed health care and patient-doctor relations; topics arising from CEU’s Borderless Knowledge event about the bioethical questions raised by Covid-19 and dilemmas associated with developing a vaccine; and Professor Sandor’s several radio interviews and articles about the rights of also looks at possible post-pandemic future scenarios through the lenses of Professors Judit Sandor, Miklos Koren (Professor, Department of Economics and Business) and Michael Dorsch (Assistant Professor, SPP). In addition, the site features an Op.Ed. by CEU Phd student Milan Janosov on how Covid-19 is becoming a new scientific field of study. Professor of Politica Science Andras Bozoki is also quoted in and has published an opinion piece about the how the Orban regime has taken advantage of the pandemic. Professor Janos Kertesz and Associate Professor Marton Karsai from the Department of Network and Data Science were quoted in about the spreading and handling of the virus in Hungary. Associate Professor Karsai was also interviewed by about his participation in the MASZK research (for an English language summary of the MASZK program, read this Telex article). Emeritus Professor Peter Balazs provides an insight into the ways in which foreign relations are affected by the virus; and Professor Diana Urge-Vorsatz from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy continues to be a highly sought-after for her commentary about the environmental aspects of the pandemic, including how it will influence the coal industry. Senior Program Officer at CMDS Eva Bognar wrote an article for Ethical Journalism Network on press freedom suffering with Covid-19.

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