Call for Submissions for the Post-University Project

Universities are often criticized as inflexible institutions, trailing behind the rapidly changing real world, which is said to draw away the brightest minds who feel trapped within the confines of the so-called ivory tower.

The students and faculty at CEU’s Department of International Relations, in recognition of these criticisms, wish to create a radical opening that could ensure an influx of new practices and ideas for the university of the future. The aim is to scrutinize the current deficiencies of academic institutions and provide an online platform for new forms of expression and knowledge production.

Their initiative, the Post-University project, has launched a call for submissions for its first event to be held in September, with the aim of answering questions such as: What and who is academia for? How should academics continue practicing their craft? How should we engage with the broader public?

Submissions for the September event are due by August 10. For more information, please visit the Post-University website.