CEU in the International Media - July 2020

Please see a compilation of July news highlights below. Where the link is to an article in a language other than English, you will find a 'translate' button next to the item. Our faculty and researchers are frequently in the news, so do note that this selection features a selection of highlights only.

The Saline Courier - FinancialContent - 1/07/2020
populations at home and across the globe. Bard and Central European University are the founding organizing
Scienmag - 7/07/2020
is a joint initiative of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Central European University CEU, Danube University Krems,
Więź - 3/07/2020
i prawnicze na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim, studiował też historię na Central European University w Budapeszcie. Autor
Investigación y Desarrollo - 6/07/2020
con el Department of Network and Data Science de la Central European University, en Hungría, realizó un análisis
LaNetaNeta - 8/07/2020
el centro de otro huracán como presidente de la Central European University, institución financiada por George Soros
Sketcher Dizajn - 8/07/2020
. prácu s dátami. Aktuálne študujem Mastera v Political Science na Central European University (CEU) vo Viedni a v
History News Network - 8/07/2020
Banac served from 1995 to 1999 as professor of history at the Central European University and was also director of its
Haaretz.com - 9/07/2020
,” says the anthropologist Daniel Monterescu, of the Central European University, who initiated the ongoing series of
DNYUZ - 13/07/2020
Maciej Kisilowski is associate professor of law and strategy at Central European University in Vienna. In the weeks
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Print Edition) - 15/07/2020
er hier 1993 das Department of Medieval Studies an der noch jungen Central European University, wo er bis 2007 als
The Washington Post - 15/07/2020
Maciej Kisilowski, an associate professor of law and strategy at Central European University in Vienna. “These election
Nature - 17/07/2020
, racial science and genetics in twentieth-century Italy. Central European University Press, Budapest Google Scholar
Times Higher Education - 20/07/2020
. THE’s editor, John Gill, will interview Michael Ignatieff, president of the Central European University, an institution...
CNN.com International - 22/07/2020
negotiating position," says Petra Bard, Visiting Professor at the Central European University. "They wouldn't have minded
Le Taurillon - 23/07/2020
United States, he is currently a postgraduate student at Central European University, where he studies nationalist politics
Varsity Online - 24/07/2020
of Cambridge and holds an MA in Political Science from Central European University (CEU). His research interests span
Visegrad Group - 27/07/2020
diplomacy, Karacsony said. The academy will be headed by former foreign minister and Central European University
Upnewsinfo - 28/07/2020
, New York Catholic Charities of St Paul’s and Minneapolis Central European University, Budapest Cheverus High
NewStatesman - 31/07/2020
still make a difference.” Kirill Shamiev, a researcher at Central European University, who comes from Khabarovsk, said
Kurier.at - 23/07/2020
Shamiev, der in Chabarowsk aufgewachsen ist und jetzt als Politologe an der CEU in Wien forscht. Darum gehe die Polizei
DerStandard.at - 27/07/2020
in der Quellenstraße bezogen – als Übergangslösung. Dass es die CEU überhaupt nach Wien verschlagen hat, liegt an der
Wien.ORF.at - 28/07/2020
Die vom ungarischstämmigen US-Investor George Soros in Budapest gegründete CEU hat vergangenen Herbst ...
Architekturjournal wettbewerbe - 6/07/2020
. Damit hat der Wiener Gemeinderat auch für die Ansiedelung der Central European University (CEU) eine rechtliche Klarheit ...