CEU Statement Regarding Svetlana Alexievich

August 25, 2020

Central European University notes with grave concern that this year’s recipient of our highest award, the Open Society Prize, the Nobel Laureate Svetlana Alexievich has been called in for questioning by Belarus authorities. She had been a member of the committee created after the recent elections, widely condemned as fraudulent, to secure a new round of free elections and a peaceful transition of power. Illness had prevented her from taking an active part in the committee’s work. It is outrageous that a person working for peaceful change in her own country should be called in to answer unspecified charges by authorities. Ms. Alexievich was awarded the Open Society Prize for her consummate artistry as the memorialist of her country’s tragic history, and we join everyone who admires her work in calling for the authorities to immediately cease these intolerable acts of harassment, both against her and against all citizens, including some of our graduates and current students at CEU, who are working for peace and free elections in Belarus.