A Year in Retrospect by Zuzana Petrova

August 28, 2020

by Zuzana Petrova (Master's Student at the Department of Legal Studies) 

My best CEU memories. Where to even start?

When I look back upon my year at CEU, I see a beautiful campus in the center of Budapest. I see a lovely rooftop view where I always took my friends when they visited me. I see a coffee place with a line where I would try to grab a coffee and croissant between my classes. I see our stunning library where I never thought I would spend so many hours studying, reading and writing in my favorite corner on the 4th floor. But CEU is much more than this. When I think of CEU, I think of the professors who inspired and motivated me so that I would excel. I think of the friendships I made that will last a lifetime.

I still remember my very first day at CEU. I got to school early for the informal coffee meeting with my future classmates. I recall that I was a little scared but excited at the same time. I did not want to be shy, so I approached the first table and introduced myself. Everybody was so welcoming and friendly, and I remember that I met my IBL classmates at that very table. We made big plans for the upcoming week, to go out and explore the city. However, a man plans and CEU laughs :) On the very next day we received our first reading assignments and that is how our plans changed at the last minute. I smile now when I think of how stressed and worried we all were at that time.

Ice Skating on Valentine's Day
Ice Skating on Valentine's Day

There were also plenty of other occasions where we spent time together. My favorite memories include drinking mulled wine in front of the Basilica at Christmastime, ice skating on Valentine’s Day, trying sweet lángos at the Central Market Hall for the first time, or just drinking beer in the RC.

The only negative is that everything great has to come to an end. My CEU journey has been challenging, but exciting and fulfilling at the same time. I would do it all over again if I could.