CEU in the International Media - August 2020

Please see a compilation of August news highlights below. Where the link is to an article in a language other than English, you will find a 'translate' button next to the item. Our faculty and researchers are frequently in the news, so do note that this selection features a selection of highlights only.

Blog - The Huffington Post [IN] - 2/08/2020
for doing a one-year masters’ degree in human rights from the Central European University. “My returning to my country
Naked Capitalism - 2/08/2020
purposes! By Michael C. Zeller, an Associate Researcher at the Central European University (CEU) Centre for Policy
ThePrint - 3/08/2020
. Pardeep Attri is a PhD Candidate in Business Administration at Central European University (Hungary) and founder-
The Indian Express - 3/08/2020
by the historian Eric Hobsbawn in his 1993 lecture at the Central European University in Budapest, the belief that
El País - 4/08/2020
es catedrático de Historia Contemporánea de la Universidad de Zaragoza y visiting professor de la Central European
The Brussels Times - 5/08/2020
Centre for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) at the Central European University. The university was forced by the
Politico Europe - 6/08/2020
with a "live and let live" attitude. Several CEU programs were relocation to Vienna in a spat with the government over ...
Financial Post - 5/08/2020
correct: a new study by Caitlin S. Brown of the Central European University and Martin Ravallion of Georgetown University
educational systems, or to bridge the gap. The CEU building in Budapest. PC: Central European University. R: ...
Treffpunkt Europa - 6/08/2020
. Pour Christian Gibbons-Smith, étudiant américain à la Central European University de Budapest, un établissement qui
BalkanInsight.com - 7/08/2020
with Atlatszo and the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS), Central European University (CEU) and supported by
Das Progressive Zentrum - 7/08/2020
positions in the European University Institute in Florence, the Central European University in Budapest, Hebrew
Onetz - 8/08/2020
als Politikum: Die Central European Universitiy (CEU) wechselt von Budapest nach Wien. Ungarns ...
Catholic News Agency - 9/08/2020
of Regensburg, and a habilitation doctorate in history at the Central European University. Speaking with CNA Deutsch,
ATT.com - 18/08/2020
aspects of the communist regimes. The Open Society Archive (OSA) at Central European University in Budapest has
Ancient Origins - 13/08/2020
. Foreword to the Past: A Cultural History of the Baltic People . Central European University Press. Tamm, M. and Kaljundi
The Hindu Business Line - 14/08/2020
him to seize the moment. The writer is a former visiting Fellow at NIAS, CEU Budapest and CCS-IISc where he has also
Le Taurillon - 15/08/2020
réactions très variées ces dernières semaines. Quand tu étudiais à la CEU de Budapest, comment percevais-tu les ...
Le Taurillon - 16/08/2020
United States, he is currently a postgraduate student at Central European University, where he studies nationalist politics
Spiked - 19/08/2020
holds an MA in Political Science from the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary. His ...
Irish Examiner - 19/08/2020
of the New IRA almost ceased since autumn 2019,” the Central European University academic said. “Since the killing of
Scientific Reports - 19/08/2020
A. Kovács & Ferenc Iglói Department of Network and Data Science, Central European University, Budapest, 1051,
Mirage News - 20/08/2020
.” An attractive academic environment Following a stint at the Central European University in Budapest, she obtained her
E-International Relations - 20/08/2020
Li is an assistant professor in international political economy at Central European University. Edoardo Pieroni and
South China Morning Post - Online - 23/08/2020
," said Benabdallah and Dan Large, an associate professor at the Central European University's School of Public Policy
EurekAlert! - 27/08/2020
is a joint initiative of AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Central European University CEU, Danube University Krems,
Treffpunkt Europa - 28/08/2020
. For Christian Gibbons-Smith, an American student at the Central European University in Budapest and Global Affairs
The Atlantic - 22/08/2020
, it reversed in an afternoon,” Michael Ignatieff, the president of the Central European University in Budapest and ...
The Atlantic - 25/08/2020
wants to have happen tomorrow happens,” Michael Ignatieff, the president of Central European University in Budapest

DerStandard.at - 19/08/2020
, der lange an der Central European University in Budapest unterrichtet hat. Die von George Soros gegründete ...
Wiener Zeitung - 31/08/2020
Beispiel in jüngster Zeit die Ansiedlung der Central European University (CEU), nunmehr mit