CEU iLab Incubator Begins Work With New Cohort

This fall, the CEU iLab welcomed a new cohort of 11 teams to the year-long incubator program, which cultivates projects to move from idea stage to secure an initial round of funding. The CEU iLab is directed by Andrea Kozma, who was recently featured in Forbes Hungary.

To begin their work this fall, the cohort teams participate in an initial immersion over the course of three days to deepen knowledge in crucial areas of strategy, marketing, sales and human resources. This is followed by individual mentoring and ongoing engagement with a community supporting high-impact teams. This year a record number of teams applied to CEU iLab incubation.

Watch here to meet the new cohort:

iLab Incubator Projects:

VisitCure is an aggregate platform for home healthcare service, providing a marketplace for certified, skilled, experienced, compassionate nurses to choose from for home visits.

Goalbusters delivers actionable knowledge for global live sports events (in-play) by using more than 10 years of sports-betting-as-a-business experience supported by Cognitive Machine Intelligence.

OnRes builds a plug-and-play kitchen operation system with beloved food brands with a mission to deliver a better eating experience.

ALPHA Femtech is a period pain management system for women with a heating and micro vibrating wearable device.

TheRedealeR is a social impact generator where buyers ordering food online can easily donate through their default procedure.

Amargi is a fashion brand whose philosophy is to use solely artisan crafted fabrics and techniques. The design is inspired by Albanian ethnography.

DTalent is an end-to-end predictive talent analytics application for organizations, which helps to unleash the real potential of a workforce.

Anga is an arts and culture association creating projects in Hungary and Europe.

Alkubot is a gamified sales chatbot for webshops.

Dono brings donors and nonprofits together by providing tools that organizations lack. By using the app, every user can become a fundraiser in a single click.

Sciencer induces the uprise of startup culture by helping the stakeholders to find each other on its online platform.

Learn more about CEU iLab's work across business and academia here.