Reflections on the First Month in Vienna

November 20, 2020

by Rola Elkamash, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of Political Science

My first thought as my plane was landing in Vienna was, “Oh wow! That’s a lot of greenery!” Ever since that moment, this beautiful city has never failed to surprise me with its amazing historical and natural scenery in every corner.

My first month in Vienna was very special because I finally met my classmates whom I had virtually been in touch with and very eager to meet for a long time! Actually, joining CEU has been very rewarding because it gave me the chance to be part of the CEU family from the day I got accepted. Although the move from bachelor’s to master’s studies is not an easy one – as the required workload and expected performance are now much greater – I was amazed by the wide range of courses offered by my department and the seminar style of my classes.

The picnic hosted by the Political Science Department

My classmates come from different academic backgrounds, countries and are of various ages, which makes our classes very diverse. This has helped me participate in constructive dialogue and engage with differences on a daily basis!

The highlight of my first month in Vienna was forming new friendships at CEU and the dorm I am living in. Going out to explore the city’s hidden gems with my friends has become my new hobby, and these friends have made Vienna a home away from home for me!

With friends in front of Belvedere Palace