The Beginnings of an Extraordinary Year

January 4, 2021

by Milos Pavkovic, MA student in the Department of Political Science 

Ever since I received the acceptance email from CEU, I have looked forward to coming to Vienna to meet with my fellow students. That eventually happened in September, and I decided that I wanted the full experience of living and studying in Vienna.

I liked the city on first sight: Vienna has breathtaking architecture and the public transport is very well organized. My first week was very interesting and funny. I met a lot of new people, the faculty and staff welcomed us warmly, and we organized meetings and get-togethers in the Stadtpark. That's when I decided that I wanted to engage more, therefore I applied for an internship with the Student Recruitment Office. I wanted to get the chance to familiarize myself with how CEU functions and to help future students enroll at CEU.

From week to week, we have had more and more reading and assignments to submit. It is hard to keep up with the obligations, but if you plan your time wisely you can accomplish everything. When studying political science, reading regularly is important, so don't skip the readings! Although intensive, my first 4 weeks at CEU were very interesting and fulfilling. CEU offers a lot of opportunities, such as different student clubs and organizations, so make sure to make use of them. Finally, studying is not just about learning, it's also about socializing and having fun. My advice is to try to find the best balance between the two.

The highlight of my first four weeks in Vienna and at CEU was forming new friendships, exploring the city, adopting to the new COVID-19 reality and online classes, and trying to get as much as possible from what is available.