My Journey to and Why I Chose CEU

January 11, 2021

by Tamar Shatberashvili, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of International Relations

My journey to CEU began a couple of years ago while I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Owing to the diverse public lectures and events offered at the CEU campus, I decided to visit one day and since then I have frequently spent time at the university. Closer to graduation, I knew that I wanted to pursue my master’s degree at CEU and began familiarizing myself with the programs offered. Over three years have passed and here I am.

Why CEU?

The very first reason is the community and its spirit. What aided me in my decision were people that I met, the friends that I made and the community I was accepted by well before I commenced my MA studies. The closest experience I had with CEU was the Common Ground concert, which brought a number of universities together to celebrate the diverse university community in Budapest. The first year I participated as a performer and the following year I also joined the organizing team. Another close interaction with the university was time spent in the CEU library at the new campus. The library is open for students from different universities and provided a cozy atmosphere to concentrate, productively study and dive into an endless amount of available resources.

The university’s ranking speaks for itself, but numbers cannot exceed experience and the people creating the community spirit that I am beyond happy to be a part of. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not allowed us to experience the campus spirit yet, but I am excited to be able to meet my classmates and contribute to building #oneCEU.