Why I Chose to Study at CEU

January 25, 2021

by Mariia Zivert, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies

It was a dream! Once I realized that my relationship with constitutional law was far more serious than it had been when I started my legal studies, I began to search for a master's program in that field.

As a law student, I was familiar with the variety of LLM programs in human rights or international law, as well as the different programs in the private law sector, but still, none of them fully aligned with my dreams. And then I found CEU, which provides an LLM in Comparative Constitutional Law. There wasn’t a program like it in my country or anywhere else in Europe, but there was at CEU.

Additionally, it was a dream of mine to commence my studies at an American university: constitutionalism – in my point of view – is about a liberal ethos, and where else could I find it if not at an American university?

Finally, I looked at the list of professors who teach in this department and realized that most of the inspirational books I had read about constitutionalism were written by them. That was all I needed to know before I opened the page listing the eligibility requirements: I was sure that I wanted to be taught by people who inspire me and have such unique backgrounds.

And now, here we are! Dreams come true, and one day you too can find yourself in a building on Quellenstrasse.