Recently Established OSUN ExEd Hub at CEU Welcomes New Program Staff

Established in January, 2021, the OSUN ExEd Hub at CEU welcomes Lydia Wazir-Staubmann as the ExEd Hub Senior Program Manager and Susanne Hofmarcher as the ExEd Hub Program Manager to launch the new academic support unit.

The primary mission of the ExEd Hub is to support CEU academic units in the design and delivery of innovative executive and professional education programs, providing world-class education opportunities in fields and to learners central to the open society agenda. Its programs will endeavor to build a global dialogue and communities of innovative practice, and will be covered by a flexible financing scheme that combines fee-based enrollment with scholarship support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, focusing on those most in need of developing professional knowledge skills and leadership for their communities. This initiative is part of the operationalization of CEU’s strategic development plan, CEU 2025.

Wazir-Staubmann and Hofmarcher were selected through an international open search overseen by a CEU faculty committee comprised of representatives of academic units which have or are developing executive and professional education activities.

Lydia Wazir-Staubmann moved to Austria from her native Lebanon during the civil war in 1979. She holds a Doctorate in Political Science, a Master's degree in International Relations, and a BA in Communications. She has more than 20 years of experience in academia as teacher, trainer, manager and developer in various international institutions and multi-cultural environments. She directed the Writing Center at Webster University, teaching academic writing and rhetoric to undergraduate students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. More recently, at Teach for Austria, she designed and managed the blended learning leadership program - a skills-based program that trains career changers from underprivileged backgrounds.

Susanne Hofmarcher, a native of Austria, is returning to Vienna after a decade of academic and professional experience in corporate and higher education sectors in France. In her latest role as the head of international fundraising at Sciences Po Paris, she led the Sciences Po 2022 campaign and focused, among others, on projects driving inclusion and education for refugees and students with disabilities. Earlier, as an International Marketing & Recruitment Manager at HEC Paris, she designed and implemented sales and partnership strategies for the European and African market, acted as a relationship manager for the global network of alumni, and provided career advising to MBA candidates. She holds Masters' degrees in Political Science, European Project Management and Public Affairs.   

Pusa Nastase, currently a Senior Program Manager at the Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education (YECHE), will also contribute to the activities of the ExEd Hub by leading the design and delivery of professional programs in higher education management. 

The ExEd Hub will support CEU academic units in areas including, but not restricted to, specialized marketing and recruitment, credentials building, modes of program delivery and strengthen their educational activities that aim to promote professionally advanced and democratic operations in the public and private sectors, including governmental and inter-governmental institutions and civil society organizations.

In this endeavor, CEU will cooperate with the Open Society University Network (OSUN) and other partners globally.