My Journey to CEU

February 8, 2021

by Lumi Beqiri, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of History

Applying to university and waiting for the results can be very tough, especially during a pandemic. By the time everything was arranged for my trip to Vienna, it was the pandemic that was the main obstacle. Coming from a country that was highly affected by the pandemic, it was so difficult to get to Vienna. First of all, all the transport from my hometown to Austria was limited and only people with Austrian residence permits were allowed to travel. Facing these restrictions, I had to go at my own risk. I bought a plane ticket and when I was asked about why am I travelling to Austria, I provided them with my CEU admission documents, which proved to be successful. The CEU Admissions Office was very helpful in guiding me through these terribly difficult times.

Image credit: Lumi Beqiri

But in the end it showed that the risks I took for my journey to CEU’s campus were worth it. Even though CEU has been so helpful this year due to the pandemic, and even though it offered online versions of its classes, I decided to come to campus since that is the way one can better feel the spirit of CEU. And it was confirmed to me that this was truly the case. Regardless of the social distancing that we were practicing on campus, one would still encounter the feelings of diversity and unity, something that is so typical for CEU. My first impressions of CEU were really fascinating! Experiencing the high quality of education that we were provided and the seminar structures of the classes where we could discuss different topics and get to know different perspectives is so valuable! All of the concerns and worrying questions I had before coming to CEU seem to have melted away.