CEU Set Me Up for Success in Taking on Quantitative Challenges

March 29, 2021

Taking on a new discipline can be difficult, but CEU set me up for success in my new field. Now I feel empowered to conquer math problems.  

by Mariah Rossi, Alumni Scholarship Recipient and MA student in the Department of Economics and Business

I have a background in history and pretty much completed my bachelor’s by successfully avoiding all things math related. So, when I began my MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets, I experienced something similar to what I assume those completing the “polar plunge” would feel: cold icy water shocking my system.  

CEU did a great job in preparing me for my quantitative heavy courses with our mandatory “Introduction to Quantitative Methods” pre-session course. It re-established my long repressed mathematical knowledge, and I must say the experience was invigorating. I had long forgotten the rewards of struggling with a difficult problem and then successfully solving it. I felt empowered to continue with my degree in greater confidence that I could fully understand the mathematical background in the concepts presented to me.  

The subject that I had been avoiding so long was finally mine to confront, and though it was not always easy, it was worth it to challenge myself. No longer do I read economic papers with economic models and skip through regression tables and equations full of Greek letters searching exclusively for the authors’ conclusions. Now, I can look at models and empirical methods with more understanding and challenge the authors’ assumptions. While I am only beginning to deepen my knowledge in the subject, I can stop burying my head in the sand whenever I am met with it.  

So, in reflecting on the first semester, I can proudly say to myself that I worked hard and enhanced my quantitative aptitude. Despite most of the semester being online, I was still able to absorb new materials and confront my own weaknesses. While I cannot say that I am falling in love with math, I can say that I am warming up to it, which is a much better relationship than what we previously had. I am excited to continue my CEU journey and continue to grow in multiple disciplines.