BOOST Prize Awarded to CEU Environmental Studies and Policy Graduate Frida Kobor

CEU is delighted to announce the winner of the 2020 BOOST prize. Frida Kobor, graduate of CEU’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, completed the program with the highest grade with her BOOST impact project to build a career in management consulting. The BOOST Prize, awarded to the most outstanding BOOST participant in a given year. The Bringing Objectives, Options and Strategy Together Program (BOOST), is an experiential training course that equips CEU students with deeply practical managerial and strategic tools, helping them to transition into highly effective leaders. 

Kobor is now a full-time consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the field of energy innovation. In pursuance of her strategy, she was able to leverage her core competencies to find professional opportunities based on the BOOST methodology. Frida was especially happy with the BOOST program: “Taking part in BOOST had a huge positive impact in helping me find what I love and enjoy. It made me constantly think about what I really want.” 

The award was presented by co-directors of the BOOST program and Associate Professors at CEU’s Executive MBA course Dr. Yusaf H. Akbar and Dr. Maciej Kisilowski. “We are so impressed by Frida. She recognized quickly the need for agility in her professional endeavours and took key steps to adjust. Her commitment, willingness to learn and strategic flexibility epitomize the spirit of the program,” said Dr. Kisilowski said. “Frida is an absolute pleasure to work with: she was curious, hardworking and collaborative throughout the program,” added Dr. Akbar.

Frida joins previous BOOST prize winners Neelam Yadav and Nikhil Mahant (2019) and Agota Pinter (2018).

The BOOST Program introduces participants to cutting edge techniques in strategic management, tailored to the context of planning an impactful individual career and fulfilling life. These tools are offered against a broader background of applied sociology and psychology of performance and professional success. BOOST is run by a multidisciplinary team from across CEU and it is based on research on success and high performance in a variety of professional settings. During the program, strategic tools and techniques are presented in an interactive fashion, using the cases of real organizations, and people, as well as including a mentorship program involving CEU alumni. During the interactive workshops, participants are expected to candidly discuss their career plans and strategies and be open to receive constructive, friendly but also realistic feedback. More about the BOOST program here.