Following the Signs to the Dream Profession

April 5, 2021

My Personal Story of Studying to Become an International Business Lawyer 

by Anastasiia Bolshakova, LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies 

When I graduated from school, I wanted to become a translator, but now I am studying International Business Law at CEU… How did that happen? 

Let me start with the idea that all of my family are in some way involved in the legal professions: a policeman, prosecutor, inhouse lawyer, etc. So, while growing up, I saw how hard and boring it is and was sure that I would never connect my life with the law (as you know, I was wrong).  

Due to a mistake by the admissions committee at my first university, I was accepted into law school. I decided then that it was a sign from the universe and started studying. Getting a law degree is hard, but during that time, I truly fell in love with the legal atmosphere: codes, arguments, trials. I also felt like I really can change something, and my main interest was human rights. During my bachelor’s I had the chance to help socially vulnerable people as well as consulting with big commercial entities.  

When I decided to continue my education, I faced a fork in the road: apply for a human rights program or expand my knowledge in business law. I chose the latter for many reasons.  

With time I came to understand that I could help people not only by directly working in human rights-related fields. We can see that the highest level of protection for human rights can be found in economically developed countries; thus, the economy is one of the factors that ensures the growth of compliance with the law. But what can make the economy better? Business.  

Also, I simply find business law to be more interesting for me. In this field you need to have many skills and knowledge in different areas. Business lawyers are not just lawyers. We are managers, business consultants, accountants and politicians, among many other roles. To provide proper legal services, it is important to get into all of the details and find information that no one can get and use the law in your favor even if the other party is trying to do the opposite. Business law is a real art, and not many people have a talent for it.  

I already had adequate knowledge of domestic business law and felt that to see the whole picture, I would need to get a proper understanding of international regulations in this field. Consequently, international business law is the right program for my future legal career.  

I am truly motivated and inspired by the program in which I currently study.