What Happened After I Hit the “Submit Button”

April 8, 2021

by Valeriia Zharkova, MA student in the Department of Economics and Business

After clicking the submit button, applicants are left with a range of various emotions. At the beginning I felt relief, because I was finally done with the application and could return to my usual life, studies, thesis writing, and all other things. However, after some time I experienced anxiety. I started to ask myself the specific questions: “Did I submit all the documents?”, “Were there any mistakes in my personal information part?”, “Is my cover letter good enough?”, and many others. I was thinking of the alternative plans and paths for my future, in case I was not accepted by the university. Anyway, I understood that everything possible was done from my side and all I needed to do was to wait for the results.  

Closer to May I got my acceptance letter. The most worrying moment is when you see that you received an email from the university, but you do not know what is inside. Just one word can change a lot; and in the case of letters from universities it is the word “Congratulations”. When you see it at the beginning of the email, you know that you are most probably going to start an exciting new part of your life. I read the letter at least three times to be absolutely sure that I was accepted, and that all the information was correct.  

Image credit: Valeriia Zharkova

At the beginning of June I finished my bachelor’s studies, received my diploma and went to the Hungarian embassy to apply for the visa. CEU does a great job in helping all of its students get to the university and have all of their documents and legal requirements done.  After the acceptance letter, me and my friends, with whom I applied, recevied detailed information on how to get our visas (including the relevant documents to collect, the application form to fill in, and the deadlines to follow in order to arrive to the university on time). The process of approval was quite long (2 months); however, the fact that the embassy accepted all my documents without any additional requirements made me believe that everything would be fine. During the summer period I was preparing for my journey, looking for an apartment to live in in Budapest, and learning more about Hungary and Austria.  

To sum it all up, the application process, waiting for the results, and following all of the requirements can seem to be a bit difficult, but being accepted to CEU and becoming part of the university community is worth all the process.