The Best Way to Feel Vienna is to Go for a Walk

April 19, 2021

Why Even During a Lockdown Being in Vienna is Great 

by Anastasiia Bolshakova, LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies 

- Guys, what do you want to do tonight? 

- The same thing we do every night: try to walk the whole of Vienna! 

I would like to begin this post with this rephrasing of the famous line from “Pinky and Brain”, since it perfectly reflects my everyday chat with my groupmates. I came to Vienna on the 31st of October, the day when the second lockdown in Austria was announced. Everything is closed and classes are online, so the only option we have is to walk and explore Vienna’s streets. 

I could make this post into a virtual tour through Vienna, but this is what each person should experience in real life, and no words can describe the fantastic feeling of being in Vienna. Thus, I would like to tell you why I find the city walks in Vienna so good.  

The main point is that Vienna is made for people not cars. You can go everywhere safely and comfortably. Even traffic lights make you enjoy it, as you can see in the top picture.  

The next point, of course, is that Vienna is full of historic places. You can see monuments, castles, important buildings on every corner, so while walking you always become familiar with some facts and feel how many events happened in this city. 

It also relates to the architectural style. I would say that every single building here is unique. If you have enough time and start to look closer, you always notice new elements that you have not seen before. You feel how art surrounds you. Moreover, this classic appearance now co-exists with modern art. There is a lot of strein Vienna that perfectly matches the surroundings.  


It also never gets boring to walk in this city. So that I do not lose my mind sitting 24/7 before a screen, I go for a walk in my neighborhood every evening and have still not managed to explore all of its streets with their secrets. 

If you get hungry, it is easy to find coffee or some street food and continue your nice walk with friends or have a nice picnic in one of the many parks or at the stairs of the main library that has a panoramic view of the city. 

I have travelled a lot, but I think Vienna is the best city to see on foot. Just take a look at the sunset that I watched today.