CIVICA’s Conference “Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education” Considers Trends for a Post-COVID World

On June 3, CIVICA's online dissemination conference, Digitalisation and the Future of Higher Education, will bring together policymakers, theorists, practitioners and students to reflect on emerging trends shaping education in the post-COVID world.

In advance of the convening, Central European University (CEU) Provost Liviu Matei reflects on delivering quality education digitally, access, a global student body and the double challenge of moving teaching online during the pandemic, while simultaneously relocating the university to Vienna.

How can universities build on current innovations to pave the way for more resilient, sustainable and adaptable approaches to education in the post-COVID world? The conference, which is open to the public, will illuminate how CIVICA's university alliance with European reach can foster agility and innovation. The discussion will draw upon experiences with digitalisation in academia from the local, national and European level to inform post-COVID higher education.

Register here to attend and follow the conference on Twitter: #CIVICAconference