Medical Support and Insurance Cover at CEU

May 13, 2021

No one wants to experience health problems. Nonetheless, it’s an important topic that both prospective students and the “old guard” should be informed about. With that in mind, what can CEU students expect if they use the healthcare services that are provided?

by Elena Masterova, MA student in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

[Ed. note: the article’s description of medical treatment received and services associated with are only applicable to students studying in Austria at our Vienna campus.]

To begin with, I would like to ask everyone reading this to calm down, as everything is now fine and I do not have even moderate health problems :) I simply had a lingering foot injury which I somehow aggravated last December, which is why I visited a surgeon for a consultation at the beginning of this semester. It's no secret that CEU works with an excellent private insurance company, which provides students with the best possible medical care as part of its package. Many of the students visit doctors for one reason or another and most know how it works.

My situation, however, was a little more serious. Consequently, to solve my relatively minor problem, I required surgery under general anesthesia and underwent a fair amount of tests and observation before the procedure, followed by a week where I was unable to move around on my own two feet. The surgery itself was not dangerous, and the most unpleasant part was the rehabilitation period when I was unable to step on my right foot. But why do I need to thank CEU and the Medical Center?

Firstly, the private insurance I received through CEU gave me the opportunity to go directly to a specialist since I already knew my problem. In other words, I was able to skip the step of first visiting a general practitioner, which was valuable in terms of saving time. Secondly, the insurance allows you to make appointments directly with certain doctors in some private clinics and public hospitals, without having to pay anything (you can also make an appointment with any doctor, pay upfront and then apply to be reimbursed). Moreover, it is worth noting in my case that the staff at the CEU Medical Centre also did a great job, since they were quick to help me in acquiring a pair of crutches that the hospital unexpectedly did not provide.

In general, without going into all the details, I can say that a student in need of medical care can feel confident here, without having to worry about their healthcare package or if their university will assist them. All that said, I hope no one reading this experiences any health issues, especially during these unusual times!

For more details regarding medical insurance, please contact the insurance company and visit their website: