Evidence-Based Policy Making Conference Brings CEU into Collaboration with WIFO and IHS in Vienna

Central European University (CEU), in partnership with WIFO and IHS, will engage with the Austrian scientific research landscape during a collaborative conference, Evidence-Based Policy Making, to be held online May 27. The half-day-long event convenes researchers, policy makers, journalists and other stakeholders to consider evidence-based approaches in the context of the pandemic, as well as a spectrum of considerations related to evidence-based decision making regarding data privacy and that which is made public.

The research to be presented was rigorously selected by a scientific committee of representatives from the three collaborating institutions: Michael Dorsch, Miklos Koren and Anand Murugesan (CEU); Ulrike Famira-Mühlberger (WIFO); and Thomas König (IHS). The committee defined the thematic focus of the conference.

"There will be an emphasis on how open data necessary for research should be without violating data protection," highlights Ulrike Plettenbacher, CEU's Director of Austrian Affairs. "On one hand, we need open data, for example, to inform the public regarding health considerations during Covid. On the other side, we must address protecting sensitive data. There will be a line of discussion from protection and – as a next dimension- governmental control of sensitive data to opening up for scientists and policy makers to consider alongside many examples."

The Evidence-Based Policy Making conference, organized by CEU's Austrian Affairs, WIFO and IHS, aligns with the university's goal to cultivate relationships between CEU researchers and the excellent Austrian scientific community in Vienna. This convening, which brings CEU researchers into connection and onstage with some of Vienna's economic and social scientists, is an early step in seeding what the university hopes will grow into more longitudinal exchanges with the participating institutions and researchers.

Following opening remarks by CEU Rector and President Michael Ignatieff and Warwick University Professor Emeritus Robert Skidelsky, keynotes and roundtables will raise key questions to be followed by break-out sessions on topics of Global Crises and Policy Response, Data-Driven Policy Making as well as Labor Markets and Institutions.

The panel discussion closing the day will include representatives of governance and research: Martin Kocher (Federal Minister, Austrian Ministry for Labour), Barbara Prainsack (Head of the Dept. of Political Science, University of Vienna), Thomas Starlinger (Security Advisor to the Federal President), Tobias Thomas (Director General of Statistics Austria, University of Düsseldorf), Christine Zulehner (Department of Economics, University of Vienna and WIFO).

The May 27 event is one of several upcoming activities planned by Austrian Affairs at CEU, the next of which will take place on May 29 in collaboration with the University of Vienna.