The Supportive and Mindful Department of Legal Studies

May 31, 2021

by Carolina Braglia Aloise Bertazolli, LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies

When people think of law-related things, they may think of formality and structure. They may imagine lawyers in suits using complicated words who are attached to bureaucracy. This stereotypical vision of legal studies could not be further from the truth with respect to CEU’s Department of Legal Studies.

Firstly, the faculty members are open and accessible at all times for university-related issues. They provide all of the help necessary to get through the program, and as is especially important right now, through the pandemic. The head of the department, for instance, is diligent in answering emails and trying to help us with our needs. For instance, I wanted to return to the university to watch classes, since I could not concentrate at home anymore. As soon as I told the head of the department of my problem, he presented me with a solution, and it was solved in two days. This diligence and individual attention are important features of the department.

Image Credit: Carolina Braglia Aloise Bertazolli

Secondly, the professors are also attentive and dedicate time to the students. They are sensitive to the situation we are living in with corona and also of personal problems. Our department is composed of students from every continent and each of us has a different living situation. The professors and staff keep in mind that we are away from our homes and that the problems there can sometimes interfere in our lives. The entire department is supportive and considerate of the “real world” in which we live.

Programs in the Department of Legal Studies are demanding and challenging. Nevertheless, the amount of knowledge that comes together at the end of each term is priceless. All of the classes are thought through in the most inclusive and comprehensive manner. I am part of the LLM in Human Rights program, but I have taken classes in Comparative Constitutional Law and International Business Law, in addition to my classes in the MA in Human Rights program.

All programs are equally well-organized and prepare students for the challenges of law in their respective fields. The quality of education provided by the department and the competence of its professors led to my decision to extend my stay at CEU in order to purse my SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science) at the Department of Legal Studies. This department has prepared me for the future that I want and to be the best version of myself as a student.