CEU Research Among Austrian Private University Contributions to Scholarship on the Pandemic

The Austrian Private Universities Conference (ÖPUK) is supporting the dissemination of pandemic-related research from Austrian private universities including Central European University (CEU).

Private university research and development has becoming increasingly important in Austria as access to central public research funding in the country opened to private universities in 2012. Current studies and research results of ÖPUK affiliated universities are continuously published and awarded national and international prizes, and the diversity of education institutions is made evident by the range of current research areas on the subject of the pandemic, its effects and opportunities.

"CEU is a private university with a public consciousness," remarks CEU Provost and Professor Liviu Matei. "It promotes advanced research, research-based teaching and learning and civic commitment. CEU recruits top-notch faculty and students internationally. Their contributions add significantly to the Austrian research landscape, in particular in the social sciences and humanities."

With CEU joining the accredited private universities in Austria, the total number of Austrian private universities is 16. ÖPUK, the association of domestic private universities aims to promote cooperation within and between the higher education sectors in Austria. Since 1999, private universities have made an important contribution to diversifying and complementing the Austrian university landscape.

For more on ÖPUK's private university research dissemination, the press release is available here (in German). To read about CEU's pandemic-related research, visit here.