Diana Urge-Vorsatz Discusses Climate Change with Nobel Laureate Michael Spence

On June 14, CEU Professor Diana Urge-Vorsatz from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy took part in the European Central Bank's Symposium on Climate Change, Finance and Green Growth. The discussion, Climate Change, Climate Policies and Sustainable Growth, featured Urge-Vorsatz and Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate and the Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean, Emeritus at Stanford University, and was moderated by Martin Sandbu of the Financial Times.

The symposium showcased  academic research on the interaction between financial markets and the green transition, and considered issues connected to climate risk, climate policies, adaptation and sustainable development. The activities are part of the European Central Bank's increasing commitment to better understanding the consequences of climate change for output and inflation, exploring the role that central banks can play in transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Watch the discussion here: